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Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm excited that I have the first four week lesson plans complete! Here are some of the great ideas that I plan to do:

Week 1
The first week of school we have staggered days, which are great. This is a wonderful way for me to get to know the children and the children to become more comfortable with me and the classroom before all the children are together. This week is pretty laid back. We will be going over all the procedures and policies. Here are the art project that I plan to do:
Our course no first week of school would be complete without reading the Kissing Hand.

I plan to have the children to an activity similar to this one. SOURCE
Week 2
All About Me Week. This week we will get to know all about each other. I plan to have the children graph if they are a boy or girl, their hair color and how many letters are in their names. The children are going to make a book on the classroom rules (Listening bodies, helping hands, caring hearts, walking feet, quiet month, raised hands).  
The children are doing to complete an I'm Special book that I found HERE.
We are going to play some name games too:

Sit the kids in a circle. Have them start a pattern of clapping hands, patting knee. Say the following poem to the beat of claps and pats:_____ (child's name) ______ (child's name)How do you do?Who's that sitting next to you? Child says name of person sitting beside them.  Chant new child's name:David, David how do you do?David would name the person beside him. Go around the circle until everyone has had a turn.

Play Roll the Ball Name Game- have the children sit in a circle. Get a ball to roll to the children. When the ball is rolled to a child, he/she will say his/her name and something he/she likes, favorite color, etc. After the class gets comfortable with that, you say someone’s name and roll the ball to them.

At our Parent Teacher Orinetation I am going to send how the children's first at home project: they have to decorate a piece scrapbook paper with pictures of their family. The children will bring them this week and share with the each others as well as their favorite toy.

Week 3
Meet the Letter People. In our 4K program we use the curriculm Letter People. It's a great program with adorable puppets. This week the children get to meet each puppet.
We will read the Alphabet House and discuss what what is the alphabet and why it's important.

<><> <><> <><> <><>

Around the room put sentence strips with the children’s name on them. They will go out and find them and return to the carpet. Then I will help them put them in the correct spot on the word wall.
We will play I Spy a Letter- Play I Spy a Letter, for ex: I spy with my little eyes a word that begins with the letter s in the Housekeeping center, what it is? 

Jobs for the Week:

Letter Collages. SOURCE

The children are going to finish a name puzzle like the one I found HERE.

Color Sorting. SOURCE
 Week 4
Mr. H, Heart and Feelings.
H Hippos, source unknown

h house, source unknown
We are going to read Lots of Feelings and talk about about the feelings that are described in the book.
Sorting Shapes, SOURCE
The children are going to make a heart sun catcher with contact paper and tissue paper.
<><> <><> <><> <><>

Play a Game- Give each child a piece of paper. On one side have them draw a happy face and the other side draw a sad face. Tell them a situation and have them hold up if they would be happy or sad.
Feeling Web – draw a circle in the center of three sheets of chart paper. Ask what feeling we just talked about. As each feeling is named, write it in the circle. For each one, have the children tell what makes them feel this way. Draw circles around the feeling word and draw lines

<><> <><> <><> <><>

Look For Shapes- spill a bag of shapes onto the floor. Ask the children what are these? Are they the same or different? Tell them that they are different and special in their own way. Hold up a shape and ask what it is and how can it be described. Then, read the book, look for shapes. On each page allow the children time to id and count the shapes. Ask questions along the way
Humpty Dumpty- Have a paper humpty dumpty. Have the children one by one say a hurtful word to Humpty. As they do so rip off a piece of Humpty and give it to that child. Then have each child tell you what they could say to appoligize Humpty.  As they tell you tape their piece of paper back to Humpty. Explain that even when we apologize a person can still tell that we said mean things... just like Humpty Dumpty. Even though we said nice things and replaced all the torn parts, we could tell where the mean words tore away or hurt him. Ask the students to agree to work hard at not saying mean things to each other, even when they are angry. Words can hurt or heal, and sometimes the hurt lasts a long time.
Excited about the next four weeks!

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