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Thursday, December 3, 2015


The past two days we have been talking about summer and fall. After, we made these two sheets to add to our season book. 
Here is a peek at the jobs that the children are completing: 
Fill in the missing letter
Mitten Patterns
Christmas Trees
W Sheet

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Weather Unit

We started our weather unit by talked about the scientist that study the weather, meteorologist. We learned about the tools that they use to measure the weather. The children came up with a list of weather words. 

After we discussed how God made weather to help things grow. We discussed how the sun, clouds, rain, and snowflakes help us. 

Today, we talked about how we have 4 seasons. We made a list of them and furthered talked about Spring. We read a book about it and then completed a page in our season book. 

Check out our adorable bulletin board inside the classroom...I LOVE the hand print wreath!!!

Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Here is how we finished our Thanksgiving week:

We read a story about the Pilgrim and discussed how it was different to live back then. After, we sorted items that we have now from what the Pilgrim had then. 

After, we made Pilgrims!

We also learned about the Indians and made this adorable craft. 

We ended our week by making this cute turkey and having our feast. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Let Gives Thanks...

On Monday, we started our Thanksgiving unit by talking about being thankful. We discussed that Thanksgiving is a special day that we thank God for everything. 

Tuesday, we read a story about Thanksgiving. We learned about the Mayflower, Pilgrims, and Native Americas. After, the children made a Mayflower and shared one thing that they learned from our story. 

Here is a peek at the jobs that the children are completing. 

Color by number


Roll a sight word

Number order

Writing the missing letters. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Rhyming Fun

This week we have been focusing on nursery rhymes and rhyming words. We started off by reading Humpy Dumpty and listened for the rhyming words.Then we made our own Humpty. 

On Tuesday, we retold the nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty. We talked about if there was anyway an egg could fall and not break. Then we did an egg experiment. 
The children had tons of fun during the experiment. 

Wednesday, we learned another rhyme and then acted it out..."Jack Be Nimble". The children enjoyed jump over a "candlestick". As we took turns jumping we said the rhyme with our name instead of Jack.

Yesterday we read "Jack and Jill". We identified the rhyming words Jill and hill and then used letter cards to come up with other rhyming words.
After we played rhyming BINGO. 
Here is a peek at the jobs that the children completed this week:
Humpty Patterns

N Sheet

Ten Frames

Spider Spots

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Kitchen Fun...

This week we kicked off our unit by reading Good Enough to Eat
 We explored how our body needs food and what type of food it needs by looking at the Food Pyramid. 
After, we sort healthy and non healthy food. We discussed how unhealthy food is just meant to eat on occasion. 

Yesterday, the Memphis Botanic Gardens came and talked to the children about what's a fruit and what's a veggie. The children sorted them, made a veggie person, and planted a spinach seed. 

Today, we made shape pizzas. We started by "making" our crust and then adding the sauce. I gave out the "topping" to each table, and each child picked how many of each shape they wanted. 
After the children made their pizza, they had to record how many of each shape they used. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Today we learned some fun facts about bats.
We learned:
1. Bats are warm blooded. 
2. They have fur. 
3. Bats eat different fruit, insects, etc. 
4. Scientist have found that bats existed for 50 million years. 
5. They are nocturnal.
6. They hang upside down to sleep. They like to sleep in caves, tree tops, and under bridges.
7. Baby bats are born without fur.
8. They make rapid high-pitched squeaks called ultrasounds. These sounds are too high for  most people to hear. If these sounds hot something, they bounce back. The bat hears the echo and can tell where the object is located. This is called echolocation. 

After we graphed if we thought bats were cute or creepy and then completed a crafts.