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Monday, January 30, 2012

Jobs for the week!

Heart Counting- For this job the children had to see what number was in each box and glue that many hearts. Then they had to color them the correct color.

Heart Pattern- The children had to copy the pattern on each heart and finish it.

Valentine's Trees- I painted their hands and arms brown for the tree and had them cut out small, medium, and large hearts.

Heart Sounds- The children had to figure out the beginning sound of the picture of each heart and record it.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

One of my favorite blogs!

I have to share one of my favorite blogs, Miss Chamblee's Kinderfriends. She has tons of great ideas to use for jobs/workstations for different months. You have to check her blog out!

Grandparents' Day

Today was Grandparents' Day. The children did a great job singing the four songs that have been busy practicing. After they had the chance to eat a little snack with their grandparent and then show them our classroom and art projects. It was a fun short day and can't wait for next week, we are starting Valentine's activities/projects.

Friday, January 27, 2012

100th Day Fun!

100 Stickers. The children had to put 10 stickers on each line to make 100.


Dots to 100! The children had to draw ten dots in each circle to make 100.

100th Day Snack

The children had a great time eating their 100th Day snack. All my wonderful parents brought in a yummy items. We had marshmallows, chex mix, M&M's, skittles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cheez-Its, raisins, pretzels, Fruit Loops, and Teddy Grams.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

100th Day Hats

This morning the children made 100th day hats. We pre-glued 10 stripes of paper on sentence strips. Then the children had to draw 10 circle, triangles, hearts, etc. on each stripe. They looked so cute with their hats on.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Fun Monday

Today was Open House, which went great! Before it began I had the children help me clean the tables...with shaving cream. Everyone had so much fun!

How cute!

Look at this Valentine's Day card I came upon while on pinterest, it's SOOOOO cute!. The idea came from HERE.

Grandparents' Day

Friday is Granparents' Day so today we started our gift for them. Here is what it looks like. I used their hand prints to make a heart and found an adorable poem. I think I may have to make them for my son to give to his grandparents too.

Counting Bags

I just found this great idea from HERE. Each student turns over a number card and put that many coins or legs on the mats. I saw a lady on another blog HERE use an ocean scene and they put sea shells on them. These put be great for keeping the children busy during down times.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Big Day Monday!

I am excited because yesterday I found out that we will have a new student on Monday. Her name is Lia and she just moved to Memphis. We got to meet her yesterday while she was on tour with her parents. The children are excited to have a new friend. 

Also on Monday is Open House, so I have been straighting a few things up around the classroom to make sure everything looks perfect.

Monday will be a big day for our classroom and school, exciting!

Fun Friday...Trees

Today Memphis Botanic Gardens came and talked to the children about trees. The children had a blast and Ms. Julie is so great with the children.
They talked about everything in the room that is made of wood.

They talked about each part of the tree, root and wood.



Acorn Puppet who talked about why acorns are important.

Growing like a tree.

Snowman DONE!!!

Today we finished our snowman glyphs that I talked about HERE. They came out SO cute. Here is a picture of the finished project.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Out with the old, end with the new!

Yesterday someone who teaches at a local MDO asked me if I would send her a copy of our assessment to look at because they were looking to redo theirs. So I sent it to her but since then I have decided that ours needs to be redone too(The other 4K teacher and myself have talked about it before but haven't done it yet). Well I decided now is the perfect time to add it to my to do list and get it all ready for next year. I have been googling preschool assessments and have found some good stuff. Therefore the next few day Ms. Roxanne and I are going to be coming up with more great things to add to our assessment.

I have also been looking at new recording sheets and found a perfect one HERE. This blog also has other great assessment tools and many more. Below is a picture of the record sheet that I plan to start using next year.

I also found many great assessment forms HERE. Like this one...
Pinned also has great tips for organizing student portfolios. I love to be organized but sometimes I just need a little help to do it.

Exploring our Earth

Yesterday we read a great book called "Our Earth". We discussed that there are different planets and our is called Earth. In this book we took a hot air balloon ride to different places on Earth(Arctic, desert, ocean, mountain, rain forest, and the savanna). We talked about each place and what types of animals and plants live in each one.

Today we reviewed the different places we discussed yesterday. Then I asked them what they think it would feel like to touch the different places. The children came up with many different answers. After the discussion I brought out five containers. One with sand(desert), rocks(mountains(, ice(Arctic), salt water(ocean), and soil(savanna and rain forest). Each child came up and explored each container. After, each child told the class what they thought about each container and where you would find them on Earth. The children had a blast doing them. The sand made a little mess but totally worth it.

Here are some pictures!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We finished our puffy snowman that I talked about HERE. The children were amazed with the texture of their snowman and couldn't stop touching them.


Here are the jobs that the children are doing this week!
Here is my example of the tear paper penguin that I love and do every year.

The front page of the snowflake counting. They had to look at the number in each box and put that many snowflakes in it. Once done they had to color the snowflakes.

The back part of the page.

I got this idea from HERE! She has all the patterns for free. They came out too cute.

Snowman Dominoes. Here the children copied the dots from the dominoes to the snowman on their sheet.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fun Three Day Weekend!

  On Friday the children had off of school for our Faculty Retreat. The faculty went to the local Habit for Humanity store, ReStore, and worked. It was fun and the time flew by. On Saturday I stayed busy and appliqued Calen one of his Valentine's Day shirt. On Sunday we went to the Antique Mall in Collierville and we went to the mall so Tim could returns some shirts from his birthday(I remember why I don't shop in malls anymore). Today Tim and I took Calen to the Casey Jones Train Museum in Jackson, TN. Calen had a blast and said Chew Choo over and over. I have to say that I love family days. Then when we got home the weather was so beautiful that we stayed outside till it was time for dinner. Three day weeks are so much more fun because you actually get a day to enjoy everything. Below are some picture of my great weekend!
Calen's New Shirt

Calen and Me

Chew Choo

He loved the train table.

He had to lick the spoon to make sure he got ALL the pudding off. You can see his tongue under the spoon. HAHA

Calen working in the yard!