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Monday, July 23, 2012

New Idea

I use to put down name plates on the desk so the children knew where to sit. I would then move the children every month while trying to figure out which children would be best suited with others. Last school year I finally figured out that it doesn't really work that way. (Plus my children loved to sit with one another and would always inform me if they haven't sat with a certain person or a certain table.) Therefore I changed the way I did this. After the children have entered the room, hang up their back pack, checked their binders, and sign it, they would pick a "table square". Whatever color square they picked out that is what color table they would sit at for the day. The only probably I ran into was the children starting looking in the bin and picking what color table they wanted to sit at. So now I have a new idea...I saw this on pinterest and decided to put my own spin to it.
I decided I'm going to make squares, of all the same color, and put numbers, shapes, and letters on them. (There will be matching numbers, shapes, and letters on the back of the chairs.) The children then will have to match the chair with the one they have picked. I hope that this works better and they are learning!

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