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Friday, April 27, 2012

Race for Education and Cookout

Today was our school's Race for Education and family cookout. This is such a fun day for all the children and their families. The children helped raise over $47,000 (so far) for the school and had a blast doing it. We walked/jogged/ran around Marquette Park for an hour and then ate hamburgers or hot dogs. Here are some pictures of our fun filled day.

More fun

Yesterday we measured a Trex foot and them compared it to our feet. We all took our shoes off to see how many pairs of shoes owuld fit into the Trex's foot. We figured it would take 30 or our shoes to fit into the Trex's foot.


No dinosaur week can be complete without making fossils. We mixed together flour, salt, and water and pressed dinosaurs into the mixture. Last night I baked them for 30 minutes and can't wait to bring them on Monday for the children to take home.

Fun with the letter Q

We had fun this week coming up with Q words. We thought of two and made Q quails or Q queens. Here are some pictures of them.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This week we are talking about dinosaurs. Yesterday we looked at a big book about dinosaurs and talked about how they are extinct. Today our guidance counselor talked to the children about empathy. Below are pictures of our jobs and a dinosaur craft that we completed yesterday.
Number Dig- the children dig for a fossil and write the number and number word.

Dino Letters- at one job the children are matching uppercase and at another job the children are matching lower case letters.

Dino Patterns- the children are making plate patterns on a stegosaurus.

Here is a picture of the hand print dino we finished yesterday.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Last Week

WOW! April has been a very  busy month for the school and in my home life. i haven't been on top of blogging like I should so I apologize.
Last week we talked about water. We discussed how it was good for the Earth and some of the different animals that live in the ocean. We had a blast and made SOOOO many cute things.
Jellyfish Math

Whale Spot Counting

Umbrellas with glue as rain

Fish Adding
Our Door

We water colored umbrellas and wrote what we like to do on a rainy day.

The inside of our umbrella

Our whales and sea horses.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Camp Out

Last Friday we had a camp out. The children brought sleeping bags and flashlights. We "camped" under the stars and had smores.

Camp fires

All of our camp fires are done and hanging! TOO CUTE!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Les Passes

Today Les Passes came and talked to the children about fire safety and problem solving using puppets. They taught the children a stop, drop and roll song that has hand motions with it. Then two of the puppets were fighting over a movie that they bought together. The children had a chance to help them problem solve and came up with some great solutions. We learned SO much and had a great time doing it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A peek at this week!

We are talking about light and dark with Ms. L this week. Today we read a book about what the sun and moon sees, learned how to write a L and practiced making its sound. Tomorrow we are going to learn about fire safety from Les Passes. Friday we are having a camp out, so the children are bringing flashlights, sleeping bags, and wearing their PJs. A new week also means fun new jobs. Here are some pictures of our jobs.
Letter Stars- the children had to pick a star and write that letter in a box on their sheet.

Star and Moon Patterns- the children had to pick a moon/star and finish the pattern on their sheet.

Easter Egg Names- the children had to pick an egg and practice writing their friend's name that was in the egg.

Camp Fire- the children crumpled gray paper for rocks, twisted brown paper for logs, and crumbled red tissue paper ti create a campfire.


During our Easter break our butterflies came out of their chrysalis. We had 7 beautiful butterflies that we left go during recess today.

Easter Egg Hunt

Here are some pictures of our Easter Egg Hunt from before break. The children ALL had a blast. I hope everyone had a great Easter. I'm was SO happy to see all these sweet faces this morning.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Week

This week are talking about Easter and doing alot of fun crafts. Here are some picture:
We cut out shapes to make a bunny then used our fingers to make grass.

We talked about new life and made these adorable chicks hatching out an egg.

Tissue paper chicks

Easter Egg Number Match

We painted Easter eggs with a mixture of paint and condense milk to add some shine.

Memphis Botanic Gardens- Fun with Flowers

Yesterday the Memphis Botanic Gardens came and did a lesson with the children about flowers. They learned about the parts of a flower and made a coffee filter flower dipped in kool aid and plants wild flower seeds. We all had a great time and learned many things.