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Sunday, August 5, 2012

About to Start

I have three days left before Inservice starts. I can't believe summer is over. I'm SO ready to get back to work and in the routine again. There are so many changes happening this year and are very excited to get things going. I have tons of new ideas to add this year that I know are going to be fun!

This past week the hubby and I decided to go on one more vacation since school starts back later. I've enjoyed spending this last week and half with my family and know that this well make it harder to leave them. Even though we are far from home and enjoying ourselves I have not stopped pinning items (during nap time of course). I just can't help myself and get too excited over new ideas for the classroom.

As soon as I get back in the classroom and get it all set up I will post many pictures!

Hope everyone is ready for school to start!!!

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