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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


  Yesterday we started our unit on dinosaurs. I introduced Pete the paleontologist. We learned that Paleontology is the study of the history of life. 
Paleontologists use fossils to try to figure out three main things about fossils: Identity and origin of the fossil, the fossil's environment, and what the fossil can tell us about the history of the earth. 
After we watched some videos on the Smart Board and then brainstormed what tools Pete would need to help him find fossils.

Today we learned about carnivorous and herbivorous. We watched the story Dinosaur Cafe and sorted what a carnivorous and herbivorous would eat. 
 Tomorrow we will learn some fun facts about dinos!

More Out of this World Fun...

Here is peek at more of the fun we had last week:

On Wednesday, we read the story "Aliens love Underpants". Of course everyone loved the story and thought it was funny! After the children made an alien with their underpants.
On Thursday, the MBG came and taught the children all about Trees. After they made a beautiful necklace.

Here are a complete of pictures from Race Day! A special thanks to everyone who donated and came out to support the children.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Space Unit

Yesterday we started our unit on space. 
We read a book about Planets and learned a fun fact about each planet. After the children made name rockets. 
The children had to sort the letter in their names, put them in order, and glue it all together. 
Today we learned about astronauts and watched some fun video of them eating and sleeping in space. 

Tomorrow we will read a fun story and make ALIENS!!!

Recycling Week

Last week we learned about recycling. 
We started our unit by learning about our planet Earth. We discussed how God gave us this beautiful planet that we have to keep clean. Then we talked about ways to keep our planet clean: recycling, reducing, and reusing.
The children participated in many fun activities during the week. 
We read many books about our Earth and recycling. 
We sorted trash on a Smart Board game. 
We watercolored coffee filters and later sprayed them with water to make Earth. 
We talked SO much about recycling that the children are now recycling superheroes. Therefore we made superheroes flying around our Earth to keep it safe.
It was a fun week!

Easter Egg Hunt

While going through my pictures on my phone I found our Easter Egg Hunt pictures and realized I never here they are:

It was a fun day!!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Veggie Week

Here are some pictures of our week learning about veggies. 

On Monday we discussed that vegetables are grown in gardens. Some farmers only
 grow one crop while other grow many. We even watched some video on the Smart Board of farmers harvesting crops. We also learned that some plants grow in the soil and some out of the soil and then watch the book, Tops and Bottoms. 

Later we continued our discussion on plants growing in the soil, bottoms, and plants growing out the soil, tops, by reading the story Up, Down, and Around. After we sorted which vegetables/fruit are tops, bottoms, and grow on trees.

We also ate a plant! The children had a blast with this activity and wanted more after then ate what was on their sheet.

On Wednesday we talked about potatoes and then did a taste test.

We tested three ways to eat a potato: potato chips, french fries, and mash potatoes. Then we graphed our favorite way and analyzed the graph. 

Thursday we watched the story of Peter Rabbit and made him.

We ended our fun unit by having a yummy veggie party!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Week

We have had a fun week learning all about Easter. We started our unit by reading a story about the Easter story. We learned that Easter is about how much Jesus loves us and about how happy we are that he came back to life. 
 Then we read a story about the Easter bunny. We learned that every year on Easter day, a little bunny delivered his joyous message of rebirth to the world, so that all of us would remember Jesus'  message of love, hope, and new life.

On Monday the children started their rotation through Prayer center and their jobs. Here is a peek at what they did:
Colored a picture with sight words on it.

Count the room

Rhyming Words
 And the children sorted, counted, and graphed Easter Eggs. 

Prayer Center- the children made an empty tomb.
On Tuesday we discussed why eggs are a symbol of birth. After the children made a chick hatching out of an egg. 

Yesterday Mrs. Schmitz came and did a lesson on gun safety with the children.

Everyone is super excited about our egg hunt later!!!