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Friday, May 23, 2014

Last Week

We have had SOOO much fun this last week of school. We dressed in our favorite sports shirt, made alphabet hats, dressed wacky, had a paint party, wore PJ's, ate popsicles, and had a movie/popcorn party. 

We have had such an amazing year! I'm going to miss all these sweet faces. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Alphabet Hat Day

All the children enjoyed getting to show off there alphabet hat yesterday!

Field Day

We had SO much fun on Friday for Field Day. We didn't participate in the games but we went on a shaker parade, played on the BIG playground, and ate a snow cone or cotton candy. 

Here are some pictures of our fun day!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Letter Week

We have had a fun week reviewing our letters. Here are some pictures of our week:

We read the story Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Then we made Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Name Trees

How Many Letters in Your Name? We spelled out our name and then graphed how many letters are in it. 
 Here are some pictures of the jobs that the children completed this week. 
We practiced writing letters. 

At this job we listened for beginning sounds.

For this job the children rolled a die, counted the dots, and put that many coconuts on their tree. 

School Bus
 Yesterday was the 8th grade last day so they have an 8th grade walk. This is where the children walk through the school and each grade stands outside their classroom holding something that commemorates that grade.  

Today for our count down we had a side walk chalk party. The children drew some beautiful pictures. 

We are all excited about having snow cones or cotton candy for field Day tomorrow. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Recess Fun

Here are some pictures I took of the children last week at recess. 

Ocean Week Wrap Up

Here are a few more fun projects we did last week:
We learned about whales and listened to the sounds that they make. 

Of course we can't talk about the ocean and not talk about mermaids/mermen. The children had a ball making them. 

To end our week we read a story about becoming a pirate and then made one. 
We had a great week and I hope everyone had a blessed Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ocean Week

We are having a fun week exploring the ocean and the animals that live in it.
So far we have watched a video about sharks and learned five fun facts:
1. Sharks have been around for longer than dinosaurs.
2. Sharks have no bones.
3. There are 400 different types of sharks.
4. Their hardest part of their body is their teeth.
5. Sharks are a fish.
Then we made a shark and shared one fact that we learned. 

Yesterday we explored the ocean for sea turtles. We watched a video on sea turtles hatching in the sand. Then we painted a paper plate to make our own sea turtle. 

Today we learned about whales and started to make our own and will finish them tomorrow. 

The children have been doing amazing work completely their jobs this week.

At the job the children had to figure out the missing letter and write the letters on their sheet. 

How Many Spots- For this job the children picked a turtle, counted it's spots, and wrote the number on their sheet. 

Shark Game- Here the children took turns telling a friend to find a certain letter. 

Crab Addition- At this job the children practiced adding. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Dino Jobs

Here's a peek at the jobs that the children completed this week...

Missing Numbers, Missing Teeth- At this job the children picked a dinosaur mouth, identified the missing numbers and wrote them on their sheet. 

Bony Plates- for this job the children had to count bony plates and write the number on their sheet. 

At this job the children picked a dinosaur, identified the upper case letter and found the lower case letter on their sheet. 

Dino Measuring- For this job the children measured dinosaurs with cubes. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

More on Dinosaur Week

On Tuesday we learned about carnivorous and herbivorous. We watched the story Dinosaur Cafe and sorted what a carnivorous and herbivorous would eat. 

This week we started a fun addition to our clip chart. As the children move their clip to a 1 or 2 they get to pick a coupon. The coupons say like such as wear a hat to school, bring a stuff animal to school, take your shoes off, pick a book for us to read, play on the Smart Board, eat lunch with a friend, etc. So far the children have responded very well to it and get excited to pick a coupon. 

Yesterday we learned about brontosaurus, watched a video on the Smart Board, and made one. 
 Then we put them all on our bulletin board with the title "We're ready to stomp into summer".
 Today we read some fun dinosaur stories, learned some fun facts about a triceratops and made one. 

Tomorrow we will wrap up our fun unit by talking about a T-Rex!