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Monday, September 29, 2014

A Camping We Will Go

Today I introduced the letter Y to the children and we added it to our Focus Wall. We also listened to the Y song, HERE and the sight word song, HERE.

 We started off our unit on camping by helping our two friends come up with a list of all the items that they need to go camping.
 For prayer center the children are learning about St. Francis, learning his prayer, and making a puppet.
 I changed up our writing center today in hope to encourage the children to write and not just draw! We now have a spot to put our sight words, letter of the week, number of the week, days of the week, number words, color words, and months of the year.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Assessment Week

Yesterday Mrs. Schmitz came and completed a guidance lesson with the children about the Zones of Regulations. Your child came home with a sheet of paper explaining this program to you. Please read it as this is a school wide program. She began her lesson by talking to the students about different feeling. Then she explained the zones and how we feel in each zone. She told the children how we always want to be in the green zone (happy, good listener, ready to learn, calm, okay, focused) while at school.She then explained the rest of the zones and gave each child a chance to pick a card and figure out what zone it goes in.

This week is a little different for us as we don't have a theme or letter of the week but we are focusing on assessments. Today we focused on coloring, cutting, and following directions by making two birds sitting in a nest that is on a branch. 

At Prayer center this week the children are learning about the Holy Spirit and making this adorable paper plate dove. 

Today I introduced our new sight word, THE, and we listened to it' song (HERE) and thought of sentences using the.

Tomorrow we will focus on counting and writing letters.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Doctor and Dentist

Yesterday we discussed going to the doctor. First we read the book, Doctor Ted.
 Then we talked about why we go to the doctor and what type of tools that they use. 

Next we made a doctor's bag and glues some of those tools inside of it.

Today we learned about the dentist. First we brainstormed what we use our teeth for on our chart.
Then we read the story Show Me Your Smile and read about Dora going to the dentist.
 After, we charted how we keep our teeth healthy.
 Finally we brainstormed foods that are bad for our teeth.

Today I introduced the children to our SPECIAL chair. 
If the children get their clip on pink or it's their birthday, they will get to sit in the special chair for the day! It was a big hit, specially since a friend got to sit in it today!

We had a fun day!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Taste Test

Yesterday we used our sense of taste and had a taste test. We tried something sour: lemon, salty: pretzel, and sweet: M&M's. After we graphed our favorite:
Surprisingly M&M's won!
We also used our sense of touch to figure out what was in the feeling box. Everyone guess correctly: stuff animal.

I captured a picture of one of my favorite things to do with the children, dancing! I love this time with the children as we all get to cut lose and act silly! They all start to whisper to each other look at Mrs. Nicole. :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

X Week

We had a fun day kicking off our week with the letter X. 

We listened to a x song, HERE, and learned our sight word for the week, in, and listened to its song, HERE.

Then we talked out our five senses.
 We read a book about our sense of touch and taste. Then we looked at pictures and graphed which sense we use with it.
The children started their rotation to Prayer Center today. We talked about Churches and the things we see inside and outside a church. We discuss how that's God's house and where his family, us, go to sign and pray to him. Then we made a church out of an envelope and made popsicle stick people to go in it.
The children also started this weeks jobs:
X Sheet

Mr. Potato Head

How Many Band-Aids did the doctor give? Here the children roll a die, count the dots, and put that many band-aids on their sheet.

Matching upper and lower case letters.

Shape Bones- Here the children pick a bone and practice drawing shapes.


To end our unit on the Farm we learned about the life cycle of a chicken. Then the children made these cute paper plate craft...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Oh my did we have fun visiting with the goats. The children loved getting to feed and pet Rue and Frosty. 
Here are the pictures I took:

Farm Week

I'm so excited about our farm unit this week as it is one of my FAVORITE units!
We started our unit off my learning about the many different jobs that a farmers has and then completed this chart:
After we discussed how God gave us all the animals for many reasons: Sheep- for their wool, cows- milk, chickens-eggs, etc. 

I introduced the letter F, it's sounds, and objects that begin with it to the children. We also looked at the number 2 and all the different ways we can make it. After we learned a new sight word "to" and listened to it's song, 

The children started their roatation through jobs today. Here is a peek at them:
Cow Glyphs

Measuring Farm Animals

F for fish!

Pig Mud Spots- here the children are practicing one to one correspondences and writing numbers.

Barn Letters- here the children are practicing identifying and writing letters.
 The children also started their rotation to prayer center where we are discussing when and why we pray. 

Yesterday we learned many fun facts about pigs:
 1. They have an excellent senses of smell. 
2. A pig's snout is an important tool for finding food, digging holes, and to senses what's around them. 
3. Some people keep pigs as pets. 
4. A group of pigs is called a herd. 
5. A baby pig is a piglet. 
6. They roll around in the mud to keep cool. 
7. They talk to other oigs by squealing (and we had to practice that noise). 
8.  They drink a lot of water. 
After the children told me a few facts that they remembered, I wrote in on a sentence strip and taped it to our big pig. 
 Then the children colored a paper plate pink and we made a pig. Oink Oink!

I can't wait for the children to meet the goats later. I will take TONS of pictures!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Apple Week Wrap Up

Wow! We have a fun and busy week. Here's a look at the rest of our week:

On Wednesday we learned about the different parts of an apple by using an achor chart. Then everyone got to make their own apple and label the parts. 

On Thursday we learned about the cycle of an apple by learning the poem: Eat an apple, save the core, plant the seeds and grow some more. Then the children made their own cycle. 

The Hallway display!

Everyone enjoyed ending the apple unit with our Apple Festival today. Thank you for help me make this sooooo much fun. 

We also started talking about Fall by reading a story and completing a scarecrow chart with the information we learned from the book. 

I can't wait for our Farm unit next week and our visit from my goats!