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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


There are so many things that I would love to sit at the computer and do all day long to get ready for the up coming school year. Unfortunately that is hard to do with a very active 2 year old. Therefore my only time to get things done is during nap time, which goes by way too fast. But today I was able to make a generic assessment sheet for my classroom jobs and make a few different sheets for the student's portfolio.
In the past years I have just put the children's work and in a file with the children's name on it. This of course was not the best way and was hard at conference time. This year I am working on making each child a portfolio, using a folder, to keep all their work in. I plan to make tabs for each month to help keep up with their progress throughout the year. Today I made an alphabet copy sheet, number copy sheet, and shape copy sheet. This is the start of many sheets that I plan to use to help me assess the children through out the year.
Every year I find myself doing a little more than the last to better myself as a teacher. Through friends, pinterest, and the Internet I have found so many teachers that are a great example of wonderful teachers with many great ideas. This will be my fifth year teaching 4K and it amazes me how many ideas their are out there. One of the best things that one of my professors told me in college is that when you are in a teacher's classroom and see something you like that works, steel it and don't reinvent the wheel. I love that teachers are so open to share their ideas with each other and help one other better service the children.
I can't wait to start another great year with great children, parents, and coworkers!

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