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Friday, August 29, 2014

It's FRIDAY....

We have had a super fun Friday.
We started off our day by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, practicing the Sign of the Cross, and being introduced to the Our Father.
Once we were back in the room I introduced the students to the sigh word I. We talked about how I is not just a letter but a word. We all brainstormed sentences that contain the word I and then watched a super cool video on YouTube. 
We added our new sight word to our focus board. 
Then we talked about how God made our family. We discussed some things that we do with our family at home and where we go with our family. We looked at a picture of the Holy Family: Jesus, Mary, and Joesph. Then we brainstormed ways we thought Jesus showed Mary and Joseph that he loved them. After we read a story and drew a picture of our family.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and Labor Day. I look forward to seeing the children on Tuesday!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Feelign Week Continuted...

Yesterday we talked more about feelings and sharing by reading the story The Rainbow Fish. We also talked about how sharing is caring. Then the children glued tissue paper on a fish to make scales and water colored its fins.

Today we read the story Sometimes I Feel Green. We discussed how we feel when we feel happy and sad. Then we completed the chart When something is bugging me I can say or I can do...

The children did a great job!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Feeling Unit

We are having a super fun and busy week learning about feelings. 

On Monday Mrs. Schmitz came and introduced herself to the class and did a guidance lessons. 

We started our jobs for the week. 
Shape Play-Doh

ABC Hunt- At this job the children pick a letter, identify it, and color it on their sheet.

What H will win?- For this job the children roll a die and graph which H they roll, uppercase or lowercase. The first one to the top wins!

At this job the children are looking for pictures of people who are happy, tearing them out, and gluing them on their paper.

Sort Sorting
 We introduced our letter of the week "H". We practiced making its sound, writing it, and thought of some things that start with it.

This week in Prayer Center the children are learning the Sign of the Cross. First we put a sticker on their right hand so they know which hand to use. 
 Then with the help of Bob, we practice making the Sign of the Cross.
 Finally we are making a cross and gluing the pieces in order.

Yesterday we read the story I Feel Silly When. While reading it we practiced making faces based off the feeling we were reading about. After we graphed how we felt. 
 Then we introduced the letter one and went over all the ways to make the number one.
 We also started our Handwriting Without Tears workbooks.
Today we are going to read a story and have a fun craft to go along with it.

Monday, August 25, 2014

All About Me Week

Our first full week was amazing. I'm so excited about this school year and what it is going to bring. 
This week we had a great week learning about each other. 

On Monday we discuss how we are all special and unique. We made a list of all the things that make each of us special. 

Tuesday we discussed how our names were one of the first gifts that our parents gave us. We graphed our name based on what it begins with and then reviewed it. 

We also practiced tracing our name and putting the letters of our name in order. 

On Wednesday we made these cute portraits. The children did a great job following directions. 

On Thursday we practiced recognizing letters and learned a new letter song. 

On Friday we decorated the first letter of our name and counted how many letters are in our name. 

Here is a peek at our jobs that the children completed last week. 
Jobs is where the children rotate to four tables through out the week. Each table has a different educational activity for them to complete. This is a great time for the children to participate in small  group and individual work. It's also great for assessment purposes. 

Sorting Shapes

Color Sorting

Sorting Letters and Numbers

Alphabet Surprise- The children pulled a letter out the bag, found it on their page, and colored it

Being a Teacher

I found this poem and wanted to share because I think it sums up being a teacher perfectly.

I truly love being a teacher and getting to spend everyday with your children. Thank you for trusting me with your sweet child. 

First Week of School

We had a great first week of school. I loved getting to meet all of the children and I know we will have a fantastic year. 

Here is a peek at what we did:

We learned all about our rules and routines. We played in our new centers and enjoyed playing with each other. 
We read the Kissing Hand and talking about how we felt on our first day of school. After we made Chester the raccoon. 

On our first full day we read the story David Goes to School and then we brainstormed  how to be a good student and wrote our ideas on our chart.