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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bats. Bats. Bats

Today we watched a video from National Geographics about bats. We learned that bats need a lot of food because their hearts beat fast, they breathe more than we do, and they need the energy to fly. They eat insects, figs, and nectar.Bats are important to our environment and help pollinate plants that open only at night. They move fast and live in the dark. They use high frequency sounds that bounce off of objects and echo back to help them see in the dark.
Then we graphed if we thought bats are creepy or cute.
Then we made a bat.
The final results:

Where's My Mummy

To kick off our Halloween week we read Where's My Mummy. This is one of my favorite Halloween books and the children loved it has well. The children enjoyed getting to take turns guessing what baby mummy would see next.
Then we made our own baby mummy.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fun Times

Have I even mentioned how much I truly love the Smart Board. The children get SO excited when we do anything on it. This morning we played around with some of the features and found a magic pen, after you write something it disappears. The children were amazed and I had to write every one's name so they can see it disappear.
Then after our craft we had some time to continue our math game. The children had to finish and make patterns, use shapes to make a jack-o-latern, and count objects and see what side has more. I love seeing the children get so excited about learning (or as they look at it, playing a game). 


Cookie Monster

Today was our last day of Mr. M talking to us about monster. We talked about a monster who loves to eat cookies...Cookie Monster. We watched a short clip to show some of children cookie monster. Then we each made him and helped him sort his square and rectangle cookies. Here are a couple of pictures:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Monsters

Today the children completed a monster glyph. I asked the children three questions: are you a boy or girl, how old are you and how many siblings do you have. Here is a picture of the final result:

Smart Board Fun!

Last week I found a fun Halloween game from the Smart Exchange website. Today we finished our monster craft early, so we played it. The children loved getting to take turn coming up to the board and putting the objects in order from smallest to biggest/biggest to smallest.

Go Away Big Green Monster

Yesterday the children made their own big green monster.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Go Away Big Green Monster!

Today we talked more about monsters being pretend/real. Then we watched the story Go Away Big Green Monster (HERE) using the Smart Board. All the children loved getting to watch it.



Here is a peek at our jobs for the week.

Monster Mash- For this job I call out a letter and the children have to find it and slap it.

Monster Number Roll- The children had to roll a die, count the dots, find the number and color it.

Monster Sounds- Here the children had to look at a picture and figure out if it made the same sound as monster. If the picture did then they put a smiley face, if not then they made a sad face.

Mummy Pattern- I wanted to introduce patterns to the children, so at this job they had to copy the pattern on their sheet.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Today we started our week unit on Monsters by reading Where the Wild Things Are. Then we made Max from the story. After, the children told us what they do when they feel wild. I loved hearing their answers, plus they came out SOOOO cute.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Mural

Ms. Cathy and Ms. Emily have been working very hard the past week to put together our fall mural and of course it's adorable.

Fairy Tale Jobs

Here are some pictures of our jobs from this past week:


We measure giants' feet.

Q Quilts

We practiced naming numbers and counting beans.

Fairy Tales

Our FairyTale wall...

Friday, October 19, 2012


Today during the Grand Event today we played some fun games that I found from here. As the children came back from visiting with their Grandparents they had a chance to join in on the fun. We played games about numbers, counting, shapes, and colors. I am totally in love with this Smart Board and want to keep finding ways to use it on a daily basis. It such a great tool for the children to have fun while learning. (I just need to buy a stool to make it easier for the children to reach).



To finish our fun unit on Fairy Tales we watched the story of Cinderella, dicussed how to treat people and what we would do if we had a magic wand.
Then we had fun making our own magic wand!

Little Red Riding Hood

Yesterday we watched the story Little Red Riding Hood. Then we made her, Ms. Emily did a great job preparing this craft.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wizard of Oz

Today we watched a read along story of the Wizard of Oz on the Smart Board. Before we watched it we discussed what is pretend and what is real, which is a perfect intro to next weeks lesson.
After we make ruby slippers. After they are dry the children will tell me what they would do if they had ruby slippers.

Tea with Mom

I want to thank all my moms for helping out and coming to eat lunch with your children today. We all enjoyed ourselves.


Smart Board

I finally found a good sign in/calendar for us to interactive with on the Smart Board. I changed a few things in it but the children LOVED it. Here is what it looks like: