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Sunday, December 23, 2012


I have to share that yesterday we got back from spending three days at Opryland. We did a Dreamwork Experiences package that was packed with tons of Shrek activities for the little man to do plus we went to see the Rockettes. We had an amazing time and I have no idea where the three days went.
Calen was very excited about his Shrek ears.

Walking around the hotel.

The view from our room.

Carriage Ride
Breakfast with the characters

Holly Jolly Town Square

Character Meet and Greets

Gingy's Gingerbread House

Having fun around the hotel.

Christmas Fun

So I have been a horrible blogger and haven't been keeping up with post due to all the craziness of Christmas at home and in the classroom. There are more pictures of what we have done in the classroom but there are on my computer at work. SAD!!! But here are some pictures of our fun last day before break!!!
Christmas Tree Snack- the children covered waffle cones with green icing and put red and green M&M's on it.
The children did an amazing job with their musical. Here are some pictures;
The Elves

Dancing Dolls


Toy Soldiers


The Elves busy working!

I hope everyone enjoyed it!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Reindeer Chow

Today we had a special snack of reindeer chow. Each child received a plastic bag with pretzels, goldfish, marshmallows, M&M's, and cinnamon toast crunch. Then the children had to sort, count, and eat. YUMMM!!!!



Yesterday we read the story Christmas in the Barn and then the children made a manager in a barn and Jesus.
The children didn't glue Jesus in the manager and were told that they will do that last step with their parents on Christmas Day. I hope you enjoying doing this special step with your child.

Christmas Bazaar

The children had a blast at the Christmas Bazaar today. Here are some pictures:

Cookie Decorating

Face Painting

Group Photo

Ornament Decorating

Tree Toss

Christmas Shoppe

Christmas Shoppe




I love when the children get creative with the toys in the room. Who would have thought links can be used to make fashionable jewelry.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Today we found Jingle sitting on our Christmas tree that he decorated with tissues.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

This weeks Jobs!

We are having fun with our jobs this week. Here is a peek at them:
Candy Cane Patterns- Here the children are coping patterns.

Up on the housetop- here the children have to id the number on each house and put that many blocks on it to make a chimney.

Tally Toppings- here the children and I count the pizza toppings, write the number, and tally the toppings.

Reindeer- Here the children are making reindeer.