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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Turned TWO

My little man turned two this past Saturday and we had a construction themed party. Calen had a great time playing with all the children that came.
The day was VERY stressful. The party was planned to be in our backyard but it rained off and on all day and according to the weather channel there was more to come. Then we lost power for about an hour. During this whole time I didn't know what to do and couldn't get everything ready outside. I was SO stressed. My husband and I went back and forth about if we should move the party to our facility that we use for wedding and other events. I really didn't want to because almost of the decorations were set up inside and I hated to move them. Therefore we decided that the party would be on at our house and hope that it doesn't rain.
About an hour before the party was to start my husband and I were able to go outside and set up as much as we could in the short time. Unfortunately not every was done that I had planned and was bummed about it but Calen didn't know and had fun.
The party started and everyone had fun. It only sprinkled for a second and stopped so I was very happy about that. The children had a blast playing in sand, jumping on the trampoline, playing with tools, and on the play set. Here are some pictures from the day.

The front door!

The cake table!
Food: Paint Chips=bags of chips, Rocks=grapes, Nuts and Bolts=Chex Mix, Carpenter Pencils= Carrots, Wrecking Balls= Cheese Balls. We had a build your own sandwich bar with Lumber=Bread, Spackle= Jelly, and Wood Putty= Peanut Butter.

Calen having fun!


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