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Monday, September 15, 2014

X Week

We had a fun day kicking off our week with the letter X. 

We listened to a x song, HERE, and learned our sight word for the week, in, and listened to its song, HERE.

Then we talked out our five senses.
 We read a book about our sense of touch and taste. Then we looked at pictures and graphed which sense we use with it.
The children started their rotation to Prayer Center today. We talked about Churches and the things we see inside and outside a church. We discuss how that's God's house and where his family, us, go to sign and pray to him. Then we made a church out of an envelope and made popsicle stick people to go in it.
The children also started this weeks jobs:
X Sheet

Mr. Potato Head

How Many Band-Aids did the doctor give? Here the children roll a die, count the dots, and put that many band-aids on their sheet.

Matching upper and lower case letters.

Shape Bones- Here the children pick a bone and practice drawing shapes.

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