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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Doctor and Dentist

Yesterday we discussed going to the doctor. First we read the book, Doctor Ted.
 Then we talked about why we go to the doctor and what type of tools that they use. 

Next we made a doctor's bag and glues some of those tools inside of it.

Today we learned about the dentist. First we brainstormed what we use our teeth for on our chart.
Then we read the story Show Me Your Smile and read about Dora going to the dentist.
 After, we charted how we keep our teeth healthy.
 Finally we brainstormed foods that are bad for our teeth.

Today I introduced the children to our SPECIAL chair. 
If the children get their clip on pink or it's their birthday, they will get to sit in the special chair for the day! It was a big hit, specially since a friend got to sit in it today!

We had a fun day!

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