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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Assessment Week

Yesterday Mrs. Schmitz came and completed a guidance lesson with the children about the Zones of Regulations. Your child came home with a sheet of paper explaining this program to you. Please read it as this is a school wide program. She began her lesson by talking to the students about different feeling. Then she explained the zones and how we feel in each zone. She told the children how we always want to be in the green zone (happy, good listener, ready to learn, calm, okay, focused) while at school.She then explained the rest of the zones and gave each child a chance to pick a card and figure out what zone it goes in.

This week is a little different for us as we don't have a theme or letter of the week but we are focusing on assessments. Today we focused on coloring, cutting, and following directions by making two birds sitting in a nest that is on a branch. 

At Prayer center this week the children are learning about the Holy Spirit and making this adorable paper plate dove. 

Today I introduced our new sight word, THE, and we listened to it' song (HERE) and thought of sentences using the.

Tomorrow we will focus on counting and writing letters.

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