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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Apple Week

Today we started our fun unit on the letter A and apples. We started our day my looking at the letter A, saying it's sound, and thinking of some things that start with an A. 
Then we reviewed our sight word from last week: I. After we learned a new sight word A, come up with sentences with a in it, and watched a fun song about it.

During circle time we read the story Johnny Appleseed. We learned all about him and how he loved to plant apple seeds and that he wore a pot on his head. After we made ourselves as _____ Appleseed. 

Here's a peek at our jobs that we started today:

Which A will Win- Here the children had to roll a die and graph which A they rolled.

Apple Tree Counting- At this job the children counted the apples and practiced writing numbers.
Apple Sorting- Here the children each had a bag with different color apples. They have to sort the apples and then draw them on their sheet.

Apple Letters- At this job the children had to pick an apple, id the letter, and practice writing it on their sheet.
Today at Prayer the children are coloring a book about the Our Father and learning the prayer. 
Tomorrow we will learn about the different parts of an apple. 

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