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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spirit Week

I found out today at a faculty meeting that next week is Spirit Week.
I have three days to get together a door that will be judged on Monday. I found some really cute football and cheerleader clip art that I'm going to copy and have the children color. Then I will add their sweet faces to the clip art. Then we will transform our door into a football field.
Tuesday is hat day.
Wednesday is guess who day.
Thursday is neon day.
Friday is Holy Rosary spirit day (the children can wear jeans and a HR shirt).
Make sure you check the Wednesday packet on Holy Rosary's website for more info.
It's going to be fun on top of our apple/autumn theme week. I have tons of crafts planned and we will make crock pot applesauce. Then we will end our week with an apple festival. I'm in the process of making an account at sign up genius for parents to sign up to bring a product. FUN!!!

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