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Friday, September 7, 2012

H Week

I have been SO behind with blogging this week. Ms. Emily and I have been busy getting all the fun crafts and activities ready for next week (I'm excited).
This week Mr. H talked to the children about feelings and having a caring heart.
On Tuesday we read Lots of Feelings and took turns making different facial expressions.
Wednesday Mrs. Schmitz (our guidance counselor) introduced herself to the children. Then we played a feeling game. Each child had a piece of paper with a happy face on one side and a sad face on the other side. I would tell the children a situation and have them hold up if they would be happy or sad. We all had tons of fun playing the game.
After jobs the children made hens.
We drew our house in our journal.
Thursday we made h horses and did an activity with Humpty Dumpty.
The children had a great time completely the Humpty Dumpty activity. I made a huge Humpty using butcher paper. As a class we discussed hurtful words. Each child had a turn to come up to Humpty, say a hurtful word, and rip off a piece of him. Then I had each child say something nice to Humpty as I taped their piece of Humpty back. After I explain to the children that even though we said nice things and replaced all the torn parts, we could tell where the mean words tore away and hurt Humpty. As a class we agreed to work hard to not say hurtful things to each other, even when we are angry.

This morning the children made their own Humpty Dumpty to help them remembered to not say hurtful words. 

Today we worked on writing the letter H, talked about the Holy Spirit and made some adorable doves.

Today we practice making a dot of glue because a dot of glue with do and anything more than a dot is too much glue.

We have had a busy and fun week.

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