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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

Everyone had a blast learning about Community Helpers this week. 
Here is our weekly wrap up:

Trash pick Up- At this job the children had to pick a piece of trash, open it up, id the shape, and write it on their paper. 

You've Got Mail- Here the children at to get a piece of mail, pull out the mail, id the number and write it on their sheet. 

Broken Bones- At this job the children had to match upper and lower case letter. 

Community Helpers Pattern- Here we introduced patterns. 

On Thursday we read a story about Doctors and discussed the many ways that a doctor helps us. 

On Friday we learned about Construction Workers and watch a Mighty Machines video on The Construction Site. 

We also discussed Chefs on Friday, made a Chef hat, and decorated a cupcake...yummmm!
Making Chef Hat

Decorating cupcakes

I love how cute the hats turned out!

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