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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Monster Week Wrap Up

Friday we finished up our fun unit on Monsters. 

On Thursday we read the story Go Away Big Green Monster and talked about how monsters are pretend. We all shared stories of being scared of a "monster" in our room and what we can do if we get scared.

On Friday we watched a video about a fun monster that we all love...

Here is a peek at the jobs that children completed this week:
Monster Sounds- At this job the children picked a monster and had to decided if the picture on the monster began with the letter "M". If the picture did the children drew a smiley face and if not they drew a sad face. 

Crow Counting- Here the children rolled the die, counted the dots and counted out that many crows to put on their scarecrow. 

Monster Math Roll and Count- At this job the children had to roll a die, count the dots and find that number on their sheet.

Mummy Patterns- Here the children had to copy and finish the pattern on a mummy. 
 I can't wait for our fun week about Halloween!

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