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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Abe Lincoln

Yesterday we learned about Honest Abe. We learned that he:
1. Was our 16th president.
2. Lived in a log cabin.
3. Loved the outdoors.
4. Loved to read.
5. Had many jobs: wood chopper, farmer, carpenter, drove a boat and was a soldier.
6. Was a great storyteller.
7. Was tall and strong.
8. Opened a store where one day he bought a barrel that had a law book in it and it changed his life.
9. Taught himself about law by reading books and became a great lawyer.
10. Being a lawyer wasn't enough so he held several government offices to help people.
11. There is a memorial for him in Washington, DC.
Then the children made Abe and we documented what they learned.

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