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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Parent Teacher Orientation

Parent Teacher Orientation is tomorrow night. This year I'm doing a few things differently. I have four stations for the parents to go to and pick up certain info. First the parents will come and sign in and take a poem. For Station 1 the parents will pick up a folder that has The ABC's of 4K, Discipline Policy, Calendar, Schedule, Student Information Form, and Bathroom Policy. Station 2 is where the parents will pick up the children's first homework assign. At Station 3 the parents will let me know how their child is going home, give me their email address to give to my room mother(s), and sign up if they want to be my room mother.  For the last station I decided I wanted to make little gift bags for the parents and children. I just finished making them and think they are cute. Here are some pictures:
An apple for the parents

A bag of goodies for the children.

Then I would them in brown paper bags and made labels.
Tomorrow I will take pictures of the room and post the progress.

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