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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crazy Day

Sorry that I have not posted this week. It has flown by. This weekend I started feeling bad and finally took off yesterday to go to the doctor. I have a sinus infection and am taking four different types of medicine to get rid of it. I feel better today but have tons of pressure in my head and feel like it's going to explode. Luckily I was home yesterday because my sweet angel got sick too. Instead of putting him down for a nap in his bed we cuddled on the couch together. Shortly after he feel asleep I noticed that he was burning up and his skin was red. I had Tim, my husband, get the thermometer and take his temperature. The cranial scan said 102, so Tim picked up the phone to call the doctor because he was getting better. I didn't think 102 was right because he was way too hot, so I took it again. It then read 104.5 and the other side said 105.2. I freaked out and he told the nurse she said you need to bring him in now. My poor baby, kept having shivers that really freaked me out. We got to the doctors office and he had a 104.8 temperature. We found out that he has an ear infection too. Started medicine right away and had a low key evening. Luckily this morning his temperature was 98.7 and you would never know that he felt horrible yesterday. You have to love the way children can bounce back from anything.

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