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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This weeks jobs!

During this job the children pick a number card and then finding it's match on the number line. The children can also roll a die and cover that number with an object. I got this idea from HERE.

At this job the children rolled a die, counted the dots, and put that number of cotton balls on the penguin. I got this free printable HERE.

For this job the children picked a colored snowman, colored the snowman on their sheet and copied the pattern.

Sorry I took this picture upside down, but here the children are painting snow. Once dried I am going to make it look like a window, Winter Out Our Window.

This week we are talking about the different ways to measure objects, so at this job they are weighting different objects. I think this has been their favorite.

I have a few crafts planned for this week and will post pictures as we complete. After taking down ALL the Christmas art work we now have bare walls. SAD!!!

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