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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Exploring our Earth

Yesterday we read a great book called "Our Earth". We discussed that there are different planets and our is called Earth. In this book we took a hot air balloon ride to different places on Earth(Arctic, desert, ocean, mountain, rain forest, and the savanna). We talked about each place and what types of animals and plants live in each one.

Today we reviewed the different places we discussed yesterday. Then I asked them what they think it would feel like to touch the different places. The children came up with many different answers. After the discussion I brought out five containers. One with sand(desert), rocks(mountains(, ice(Arctic), salt water(ocean), and soil(savanna and rain forest). Each child came up and explored each container. After, each child told the class what they thought about each container and where you would find them on Earth. The children had a blast doing them. The sand made a little mess but totally worth it.

Here are some pictures!

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