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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Out with the old, end with the new!

Yesterday someone who teaches at a local MDO asked me if I would send her a copy of our assessment to look at because they were looking to redo theirs. So I sent it to her but since then I have decided that ours needs to be redone too(The other 4K teacher and myself have talked about it before but haven't done it yet). Well I decided now is the perfect time to add it to my to do list and get it all ready for next year. I have been googling preschool assessments and have found some good stuff. Therefore the next few day Ms. Roxanne and I are going to be coming up with more great things to add to our assessment.

I have also been looking at new recording sheets and found a perfect one HERE. This blog also has other great assessment tools and many more. Below is a picture of the record sheet that I plan to start using next year.

I also found many great assessment forms HERE. Like this one...
Pinned also has great tips for organizing student portfolios. I love to be organized but sometimes I just need a little help to do it.

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