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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Monster Mash

On Monday, we started our fun unit of monsters. We kicked it off by reading Where the Wild Things Are. After the children made their own Max and told us what they would do if they were wild. 

Yesterday Mrs. Jessica came and completed a lesson with the children. She focused on talking to the children about being a part of the group. She also showed them a video of children listening and following directions. After, the children had a listening activity that they completed. 

Today, we read the story Go Away Big Green Monster. We talked about how it's ok to be scared of monsters but they are pretend. After, we made our own green monster. 

Last week the children each made a different type of transportation and today they were made into a transportation mural! Check it out:

I'm totally in love with all the awesome art work that the children are doing with Mrs. Douglas in Art class. Check out the adorable bats and moons. 

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