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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Today we learned some fun facts about bats.
We learned:
1. Bats are warm blooded. 
2. They have fur. 
3. Bats eat different fruit, insects, etc. 
4. Scientist have found that bats existed for 50 million years. 
5. They are nocturnal.
6. They hang upside down to sleep. They like to sleep in caves, tree tops, and under bridges.
7. Baby bats are born without fur.
8. They make rapid high-pitched squeaks called ultrasounds. These sounds are too high for  most people to hear. If these sounds hot something, they bounce back. The bat hears the echo and can tell where the object is located. This is called echolocation. 

After we graphed if we thought bats were cute or creepy and then completed a crafts. 

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