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Friday, September 25, 2015

A Camping We Will Go...

On Monday, we started our unit on camping by talking all about going camping. Then we helping out two friends come up with all the items they will need to go camping. 

This week the children have been reviewing their sight words and learned 

At Prayer center, the children learned about the Holy Spirit. We learned that Jesus told Hid friend that when he went to Heaven, God would send another person to help them. This person is the Holy Spirit. He helps us when we are sad and helps us remember to do right. We learned that we can't see the Holy Spirit but he is always with us. 

On Tuesday, we learned some fun facts about skunks and then make one!
Here are just some of the facts we learned: 
Skunks are mammals that have black and white colored fur. There are 10 species of skunks. They can live in open, shrub, wooded and urban areas. 
They have poor eyesight, but they have excellent sense of smell and hearing.
Skunks are omnivores, which mean that they eat both plants and animals.
Two glands that produce smelly substance that is released when animals are threatened.

Wednesday we watched a flight of fireflies on the Smart Board and learned some facts about them.
Fireflies talk to each other with their light. 
Fireflies eggs glow.
Fireflies are found on almost every continent. 
Fireflies don't taste good. 

 After the children made an adorable craft...

Thursday we learned all about owls and listened to different owls hoots. 
Here are some facts we learned:
Owls are active at night (nocturnal).
Owls have powerful talons (claws) which help them catch their food.
Owls have large eyes and a flat face.
Owls can turn their heads as much as 270 degrees.
Owls are farsighted, meaning they can’t see things close to their eyes clearly.
Owls are very quiet in flight.
The color of owl’s feathers helps them blend into their environment (camouflage).

 We had a BLAST at our camp out today. We turned off the lights, sat on our sleeping bag under the "stars" and ate s'more pops.

Here's a peek at the jobs that the children completed this week...
Here the children rolled a die, counted the dots, and colored that number based off the key. 

Journal and Handwriting Sheet

Fishing for Numbers- at the job the children counted fish, found the number, and traced it. 

Y sheet

Letter recognition 

We all had a great week! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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