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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Feeling Week

On Monday I introduced our letter of the week "H". We practiced making its sound, writing it, and thought of some things that start with it.

To help the children learn their numbers we have started using the flash cards below, I got them here. These flash cards have a character embedded into each number, and the children have a motion to act when they see each number. They have responded amazing to them. I may also look into purchasing more of her products because of the children's response.

Here is a peek at the jobs that the children are rotating through this week:
H Sheet

At this job, the children looked for the letters in magazines. 

Rainbow Writing- The children practiced tracing their names with different colors. 

ABC Hunt

This week in Prayer Center the children are learning the Sign of the Cross. First we put a sticker on their right hand so they know which hand to use.
Then with the help of Bob, we practice making the Sign of the Cross.
Finally we made a cross and glued the pieces in order.

On Monday we read the book Glad Monster Sad Monster. While reading the story we discussed different types of emotions and what makes us feel certain ways. After the children made their own feeling monster. 

Tuesday we read the story I Feel Silly When. While reading it we practiced making faces based off the feeling we were reading about. After we graphed how we felt. 

Today I introduced the letter one and went over all the ways to make the number one.

Today we talked more about feelings and sharing by reading the story The Rainbow Fish. We also talked about how sharing is caring. Then the children glued tissue paper on a fish to make scales and water colored its fins.

Tomorrow we are going to read the story My Many Color Days

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