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Monday, April 13, 2015

Veggie Week

Here are some pictures of our week learning about veggies. 

On Monday we discussed that vegetables are grown in gardens. Some farmers only
 grow one crop while other grow many. We even watched some video on the Smart Board of farmers harvesting crops. We also learned that some plants grow in the soil and some out of the soil and then watch the book, Tops and Bottoms. 

Later we continued our discussion on plants growing in the soil, bottoms, and plants growing out the soil, tops, by reading the story Up, Down, and Around. After we sorted which vegetables/fruit are tops, bottoms, and grow on trees.

We also ate a plant! The children had a blast with this activity and wanted more after then ate what was on their sheet.

On Wednesday we talked about potatoes and then did a taste test.

We tested three ways to eat a potato: potato chips, french fries, and mash potatoes. Then we graphed our favorite way and analyzed the graph. 

Thursday we watched the story of Peter Rabbit and made him.

We ended our fun unit by having a yummy veggie party!!!

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