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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Week

We have had a fun week learning all about Easter. We started our unit by reading a story about the Easter story. We learned that Easter is about how much Jesus loves us and about how happy we are that he came back to life. 
 Then we read a story about the Easter bunny. We learned that every year on Easter day, a little bunny delivered his joyous message of rebirth to the world, so that all of us would remember Jesus'  message of love, hope, and new life.

On Monday the children started their rotation through Prayer center and their jobs. Here is a peek at what they did:
Colored a picture with sight words on it.

Count the room

Rhyming Words
 And the children sorted, counted, and graphed Easter Eggs. 

Prayer Center- the children made an empty tomb.
On Tuesday we discussed why eggs are a symbol of birth. After the children made a chick hatching out of an egg. 

Yesterday Mrs. Schmitz came and did a lesson on gun safety with the children.

Everyone is super excited about our egg hunt later!!!

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