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Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter Animals

Wow! we have had a busy busy week in 4K. 

On Tuesday Mrs. Schmitz came and completed a lesson with the children on Superflex and the characters. Superflex is a curriculum designed to teach younger students how to regulate their behaviors and become stronger social problem solvers. It is use to engaging teaching approach to help students learn about their own inner Superflex and the related strategies they can use to outwit and outsmart various social challenges. There are many different Unthinkable characters, such as Glassman, Brain Eater, One-Sided Sid, Mean Jean, and others.

On Wednesday we went and watched Kindergarten through 2 grade put on their Christmas Program.

Yesterday we learned about peguins by reading a National Geographic book. We learned how they huddle together to keep warm. We tried it out to see how warm we could get and as you can see everyone had fun.
Then we practiced walking like a penguin. 
Then we made our own penguin. 

Today we went to the Christmas Bazaar. Everyone had fun playing games and shopping with our buddies. 

After we read a National Geographic story about polar bears and learned many fun facts. Then we made one and shared a fact that we learned.

Here's a peek at the jobs that the children completed this week. 
Candy Cane Patterns

Fish Coutning

Penguin Color

Christmas Graphing

Find the missing letter
At Prayer Center the children learned about St. Nick. Then we cut out a hat and decorated it with tissue paper. 
I have to brag on how SMART these children are by showing you that every sentence in our morning message was read by a child. SOOOOO PROUD of them.

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