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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Week

We started off our week of learning about Christmas by reading the story Christmas in the Barn.
Then the children made Jesus in a manager. 

We all enjoyed watching the presentation of Velveteen Rabbit. 

Tuesday we talked about the legend of the candy cane. We learned that not only is it a yummy treat but it's a reminder of what Christmas is all about...Jesus. Not only is the candy cane in the shape of a staff, but when it's held upside down it forms a "J" for Jesus. Then the children glues white tissue paper to make stripes for a candy cane. Then we held it upside down and put Jesus in a manger. 

Yesterday we learned many fun facts about reindeer and looked at pictures of them. After we made one of the most famous reindeer of all...Rudolph.

Today we learned about Angels. We talked about the Angels in the Christmas story and in the Bible. We learned that they are God's messengers and they watch over us. Then the children made these beautiful Angels.
I can't wait for our program tomorrow. The children have practiced really hard. See everyone at 11:00 in the Family Room. 

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