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Friday, November 14, 2014

Nursery Rhyme Wrap Up

We have had a fun week in 4K learning about Nursery Rhymes. 

Today we learned another rhyme and then acted it out..."Jack Be Nimble". The children enjoyed jump over a "candlestick". As we took turns jumping we said the rhyme with our name instead of Jack.

We also read "Jack and Jill". We identified the rhyming words Jill and hill and then used letter cards to come up with other rhyming words.

 Here is a peek at the jobs that the children completed this week.

Isty Bitty Spider Spots- Here the children had to count the spider's dots and write the number.

Jack and Jill Ten Frames- here the children had to copy the ten frame on their sheet.

Humpty Dumpty Patterns- for this job the children had to copy and finish the pattern.

London Bridge Beginning- At this job we listened for beginning sounds and wrote the letter.

Bucket of Shapes- Here the children had to sort shapes.
It was fun but I can't wait for all the excitement of next week as we talk about fairy tales.

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