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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fairy Tales

This week we are exploring the wonderful world of Fairy Tales. 
We started our unit on learning about the different elements of a fairy tale.
Then we read "The Three Little Pigs".  After we acted it out and completed a sorting sheet.
After recess we read the story about creation in our children's Bible. During prayer center this week the children are coloring a creation coloring sheet. 
We started our rotation through jobs. Here's a peek at them:
Crown patterns

Catch a turkey

Sorting upper and lower case Q's.

Completing our Q sheet.

Three Little Pig Ten Frames
Today we continued our unit by reading "Little Red Riding Hood". After we sorted things in the story that were real and make believe.
 Then the children went to their desk and sorted pictures of what is real and make believe.
I hope the children are enjoying this unit as much as me!

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