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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Yesterday we started our fun unit on Monsters. We started our unit by reading the story "Where the Wild Things Are" and then we made Max. The children then told me what they do when they feel wild, I got tons of fun answers!

Then we learning a new fancy word PRETEND. We talked about other things that are pretend and made a list. 

We also listened to the M song and came up with items that begin with M. Then we learned a new sight word, go, and listened to its song, HERE

Today we read the story "Go Away Big Green Monster" and talked about how it's ok to be scared and what we can do when we get scared. Then we made our own Big Green Monster. 

At Prayer Center this week the children listened to the story of the baby in the basket. They learned about Moses and how he became a leader of God's people.

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