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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bats and Spiders

We started off our Halloween unit by having Mrs. Schmitz come and complete a guidance lesson with the children. She talked to the children about next week being Red Ribbon week. She discuss with the children that they should only take medicine from their parents, teacher, or doctor. 

Yesterday we learned about BATS! We watched a video and found out many fun facts.
Bats are nocturnal. 
They ‘see’ in the dark using a special skill called echolocation. Bats make noises and wait for the sound waves to bounce back off objects (an echo), if it doesn’t bounce back then they can safely fly forward. They can tell the distance of various objects by how quickly the sound waves bounce back to them.
Most bats feed on insects, while others eat fruit, or fish!
  Then we graphed if we thought bats are cute or creepy.
 We also made some adorable bats!
Today we learned some fun facts about spiders. 
Spiders are not insects. 
  Spiders spin webs to catch other bugs to eat, but not all spiders make webs!
Most spiders live on land, but a few, like the raft spiders, live in and on water. These spiders can “run” across the water’s surface.
Spiders have short hairs on their feet that allow them to walk upside down on ceilings and over glass.
Spiders are found everywhere in the world except for the cold polar regions of the Arctic and Antarctic.
ome spiders eat their old web before starting a new one. Others roll the old web up and throw it away. Web spiders rebuild their web each day!

Then we made these adorable spiders. 

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