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Thursday, May 1, 2014

More on Dinosaur Week

On Tuesday we learned about carnivorous and herbivorous. We watched the story Dinosaur Cafe and sorted what a carnivorous and herbivorous would eat. 

This week we started a fun addition to our clip chart. As the children move their clip to a 1 or 2 they get to pick a coupon. The coupons say like such as wear a hat to school, bring a stuff animal to school, take your shoes off, pick a book for us to read, play on the Smart Board, eat lunch with a friend, etc. So far the children have responded very well to it and get excited to pick a coupon. 

Yesterday we learned about brontosaurus, watched a video on the Smart Board, and made one. 
 Then we put them all on our bulletin board with the title "We're ready to stomp into summer".
 Today we read some fun dinosaur stories, learned some fun facts about a triceratops and made one. 

Tomorrow we will wrap up our fun unit by talking about a T-Rex!

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