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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ocean Week

We are having a fun week exploring the ocean and the animals that live in it.
So far we have watched a video about sharks and learned five fun facts:
1. Sharks have been around for longer than dinosaurs.
2. Sharks have no bones.
3. There are 400 different types of sharks.
4. Their hardest part of their body is their teeth.
5. Sharks are a fish.
Then we made a shark and shared one fact that we learned. 

Yesterday we explored the ocean for sea turtles. We watched a video on sea turtles hatching in the sand. Then we painted a paper plate to make our own sea turtle. 

Today we learned about whales and started to make our own and will finish them tomorrow. 

The children have been doing amazing work completely their jobs this week.

At the job the children had to figure out the missing letter and write the letters on their sheet. 

How Many Spots- For this job the children picked a turtle, counted it's spots, and wrote the number on their sheet. 

Shark Game- Here the children took turns telling a friend to find a certain letter. 

Crab Addition- At this job the children practiced adding. 

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