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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Recycling Week

Last week we learned all about Earth and recycling by reading books and playing games on the Smart Board. 

We talked about how amazing God is to give us such a beautiful place to call home. We colored coffee filters with a green and blue marker to look like Earth. Then we sprayed water on it and watched the colors bleed together to make this adorable Earths below. 

We discussed all the different ways we could each be a superhero and protect our Earth by reusing, reducing, and recycling. To wrap up our week we brainstormed all the ways we protect our Earth and placed those responses in a big Earth and made superheros to go around it. 

Here is a peek at the jobs that the children did last week. 
Tree Counting- At this job the children picked a tree, wrote the number and that many dots on their sheet. 

Earth Counting- For this job the children had to look at the key to see how many Earths to color and what color to color them.

Ladybug Capitalizing- At this job the children picked a ladybug and had to write the capital letter on their sheet. 

Beginning Sound Graphing- For this job we listened to the beginning sound of words. 

We had a fun week!!!

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