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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


We started off this week learning about the story of Easter by reading an amazing book...

Then we discussed how just as the sun comes up each day, we will always live. We learned that Jesus died, was buried and came back to life. Each Easter we celebrate that Jesus is still alive. We talked about how eggs and chicks are a symbol of new life. 

Here is our jobs for the week:
Egg Letter Hunt- At this job the children picked an egg, opened it, identified the letter, and wrote it on their sheet. 

Peep Patterns-For this job the children had to copy and complete patterns. 

Egg Measuring- At this job the children used cubes to measure eggs. 

Sight Words- Some children are practicing sight word and others are practicing writing their names correctly. 
Today one of the guidance counselors came and talked to the children about growing respect. Then they made a garden of respect. 

Today we made an Easter egg out of a paper plate and scrapbook paper. The egg opens up to a cross with a heart on it. 

I can't wait for our Easter egg hunt tomorrow!!!

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