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Thursday, May 2, 2013


The children are having a blast learning about dinosaurs this week.
On Tuesday we learned about brachiosaurus.
  • We learned it was one of the biggest dinosaurs, but also one of the gentlest.
  • It was the size of a house and had a tiny head at the end of a long neck.
  • Its man food was leaves and twigs which made it a herbivore.
  • It spend all its time eating to feed its enormous body.
Yesterday we learned about triceratops.
  • It had three horns on its head that made it look like a rhinoceros.
  • It was a plant eater.
  • It used its horns to fight off meat eaters.
After each lesson the children had a great time making each dinosaur. Then we used them to decorate our last door of the year...sad!
We're stomping to Kindergarten!

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