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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dino Week Wrap Up

On Friday we ended our dinosaur unit by learning about a T-Rex.
We made a T-Rex foot then put all of our shoes in it...this is what we found out below.

The T-Rex foot is 3 feet long. We put 28 shoes inside but we didn't fill it up!
Here is what the children did for jobs:
How Many Bony Plates- here the children had to pick a dino, count it's plates and finish the sentence on their sheet.

Find the Missing Number- Here the children had to look inside a dinosaur's mouth and figure out the missing numbers and write them on their sheet.

Dino Matching- here the children had to pick a dinosaur that had an upper case letter and find it's matching lower case letter on their sheet.
Dino Measuring- here the children had to use cubes and measure different size dinosaurs.
We had a DINOmite week learning about dinosaurs!!!

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