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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Today we read the book The Emperor's Egg. We learned that Penguins live in Antarctica. The male penguins are about four feet tall have have a very important job to do. After the mother penguin has her egg she gives it to the daddy to take care of for two months while she goes swimming for food. The daddy has to keep the egg from getting cold so he rest it on his feet tucked under his tummy. Penguins have thick feather and lots of fat to help keep them warm but when it gets really cold they all snuggle together. Then finally the egg hatches and the daddy has to keep the chick warm and he has to feed it. Deep down in the daddy's throat is a pouch where he makes something a little like milk but it only last a couple of weeks until the mother come home. Once the mother returns it is the dad's turn to go off for food.
After we learned all these fun facts we snuggled together to keep warm and put a bean bag on our feet and tried to walk around and not drop our egg.
Finally we ended the lesson with an adorable penguin craft.

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