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Friday, February 27, 2015

Insect Week

Tuesday we kicked off our Insect unit by discuss what makes an insect an insect. Then we learned the parts of an insects body by singing Dr. Jean's Insect Body (head, thorax, abdomen, eyes, mouth , antennae two, six legs and there's an insect for you!) After the children helped me complete our anchor chart:
Wednesday we learned about butterflies and their life cycle. After the children made a butterfly and illustrated it's life cycle.

  Thursday we learned about bees. We found out that they live in big groups called colonies and every bee has a different job. There is one queen bees. There are worker bees that build homes called hive. They are made from a special wax that comes from the inside of the worker bees bodies. Hives are full of little rooms that are perfect for the baby bees and to store honey.
Bees LOVES to drink nectar from flowers. Then they turn the nectar into honey. 
Then the children drew and cut out their own bee. 
  Today we reviewed what we learned yesterday about bees. We discussed how when the bee is sitting on the flower, pollen gets stuck to his legs. When he flies to another flower the pollen on his legs fall off on that flower and that's how seeds are made.
Every child was given a bee ring and a bag a cheetos. They were told that they couldn't lick their fingers while eating. 
Once their were all done snacking, they started fly to flower around the room and land on it. The cheetos on their fingers rubbed off on the flowers. Then they can see how some pollen is left behind on the flower!!!

Here is a peek at the jobs the children have completed this week:
Writing the room

Sorting insects

Filling in the missing lower case letter

Count the room
We have had a fun week and now I can't for Dr. Seuss week!

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