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Friday, September 20, 2013

Farm Week Wrap Up

Here are some of the farm animal poster that we labeled with fun facts that we learned about the animals. 

Here a picture of the goat that the children made on Wednesday. 

Here's a peek at the children's jobs for the week:

Mud Pig Counting- For this job the children had to count mud spots on pigs and write the number on their sheet. 

Barn Letters- At this job the children had to pick a barn, color it on their sheet, and write the letter. 

Farm Animal Measurement- Here the children had to use cubes to measure different farm animals and write the number on their sheet. 

Cow Glyph- For this job the children made a cow based off their answers to certain questions. 

Then we hung them all in the hallway. 

Today we learned about pigs and made one.

We also listen to the story Ms. Wishy Washy's Farm and made Ms. Wishy Washy. 

Due to the rain we had indoor recess which mean DANCE PARTY!!! The children had a blast dancing to you tube videos. 

It's been a fun farm week. 

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