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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tuesday Guidance Lesson

Yesterday Mrs. Schimtz came and completed a guidance lesson with the children based off the book Teaching Children Self-Control by Jamis Goldring. This book is designed to give children the skills and strategies needed to control their impulses and create self-awareness, emotional competence, and mindfulness. As children learn self-control at a young age they are better prepared to deal with their emotions and more complex situations later in life. The activities in the book with encourage children to manage their own behavior, take responsibility for their actions, stop and think about the consequences, make positive choices, and resolve conflicts peacefully.
During Mrs. Schmitz lesson, she taught the children the peace pose (sitting criss cross with their hands cupped in their lap). Then they completed their first self-control exercise where the children had to shake a certain part of their body slowly, fast, and stop. She reinforced to the children that they can control the way their body moves and have self-control. The children also learned person-space pattern, which is a space between your bodies so your bodies are not touching.
We will continue to complete exercise in the classroom.

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